I-TASSER Suite 4.2

( What is new in I-TASSER V4.2 Package?)

I-TASSER Suite is a package of standalone computer programs, developed for high-resolution protein structure prediction, refinement, and structure-based function annotations. A detailed instruction on how to download and install the Suite can be found at README.txt. Please report bugs and questions at I-TASSER message board and some members will study the problems and answer them asap. The I-TASSER Suite is free for academic and non-profit researchers.

Through the I-TASSER License, the researchers have the access to the following standalone programs:

  • I-TASSER: A standalone I-TASSER package for protein 3D structure prediction and refinement.
  • COACH: A function annotation program based on COFACTOR, TM-SITE and S-SITE.
  • COFACTOR: A program for ligand-binding site, EC number & GO term prediction.
  • TM-SITE: A structure-based approach for ligand-binding site prediction.
  • S-SITE: A sequence-based approach for ligand-binding site prediction.
  • LOMETS: A set of locally installed threading programs for meta-server protein fold-recognition.
  • MUSTER: A threading program to identify templates from a non-redundant protein structure library.
  • SPICKER: A clustering program to identify near-native protein model from structure decoys.
  • HAAD: A program for quickly adding hydrogen atoms to protein heavy-atom structures.
  • EDTSurf: A program to construct triangulated surfaces of protein molecules.
  • ModRefiner: A program to construct and refine atomic-level protein models from C-alpha traces.
  • NW-align: A robust program for protein sequence-to-sequence alignments by Needleman-Wunsch algorithm.
  • PSSpred: A highly accurate program for protein secondary structure prediction.
The I-TASSER structural and functional template library is weekly updated and freelly accessible to the I-TASSER users.

I-TASSER download:
  • For non-commercial users, please go to I-TASSER download webpage to download the I-TASSER Suite.
  • For commercial users, please go to Here to obtain a commercial licence of the I-TASSER Suite.

    J Yang, R Yan, A Roy, D Xu, J Poisson, Y Zhang. I-TASSER Suite for protein structure prediction and structure-based function annotation. submitted (2014).

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