PSSpred (Protein Secondary Structure PREDiction) is a simple neural network training algorithm for accurate protein secondary structure prediction. It first collects multiple sequence alignments using PSI-BLAST. Amino-acid frequence and log-odds data with Henikoff weights are then used to train secondary structure, separately, based on the Rumelhart error backpropagation method. The final secondary structure prediction result is a combination of 7 neural network predictors from different profile data and parameters. The program is freely downloadable at the bottom of this page.

PSSpred on-line

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  • Updates of PSSpred-align program:
    • 2012/10/01: PSSpred V2 was released. Updates include (1). Dimension is extended so that PSSpred can predict secondary structure for proteins >1000 residues (up to 4000 residues); (2). A README file is added into the PSSpred package.
  • Click PSSpred_v2.tar.gz to download the current version of the PSSpred package (the programs can only implemented in 64 bit Lunix machines).
    • 1, unpack the PSSpred files by "tar -zxvf PSSpred_v2.tar.gz".
    • 2, Run PSSpred by " seq.fasta". An instruction can be found at the head of the enclosed "" file.
    • 3, PSSpred needs following external files. If you do not have them installed in your computer, you can download from here:

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