111 protein targets used for traininig of MUSTER

This web page contains 111 protein targets used for training of MUSTER.

protein native_structure
T0199_3 CA
T0248_2 CA
T0272_1 CA
T0198 CA
T0201 CA
T0212 CA
T0238 CA
T0239 CA
T0242 CA
T0273 CA
T0281 CA
132l_ CA
151c_ CA
155c_ CA
1a00A CA
1a03A CA
1a07A CA
1a0b_ CA
1a0k_ CA
1a0oA CA
1a0oB CA
1a14H CA
1a15A CA
1a19A CA
1a1d_ CA
1a1mB CA
1a1w_ CA
1a1x_ CA
1a25A CA
1a29_ CA
1a2aA CA
1a2i_ CA
1a2kA CA
1a2pA CA
1a30A CA
1a3aA CA
1a3k_ CA
1a3yA CA
1a3z_ CA
1a43_ CA
1a4aA CA
1a4pA CA
1a4yB CA
1a57_ CA
1a5kA CA
1a5v_ CA
1a67_ CA
1a68_ CA
1a6f_ CA
1a6jA CA
1a6s_ CA
1a6yA CA
1a7d_ CA
1a9v_ CA
1aa1S CA
1abv_ CA
1acx_ CA
1ae2_ CA
1ag2_ CA
1ail_ CA
1ajw_ CA
1al01 CA
1ame_ CA
1amx_ CA
1anu_ CA
1aonO CA
1at7_ CA
1aueA CA
1aw8B CA
1awcA CA
1axj_ CA
1ay7A CA
1ayi_ CA
1ayoA CA
1ayyD CA
1azpA CA
1b1wA CA
1b2mA CA
1b2pA CA
1b3tA CA
1b44D CA
1b4bA CA
1b4sA CA
1b4uA CA
1b66A CA
1b69A CA
1b79A CA
1b93A CA
1bbn_ CA
1bby_ CA
1bcpD CA
1bcpF CA
1beg_ CA
1bg8A CA
1bgf_ CA
1bhu_ CA
1bjaA CA
1bl0A CA
1bm7A CA
1bm8_ CA
1bm9A CA
1bmw_ CA
1bn21 CA
1bosA CA
1buhB CA
1buiC CA
1buoA CA
1c04D CA
1c1yB CA
1c9fA CA
1c9oA CA